Development of product portfolio and customer base

Premium infrastructure steel products, a wide range of coking coal grades, and modernised large-scale production sites make EVRAZ the leader in the markets where it operates.

Production in key markets 2017, mt


Long steel

Raw coking coal


Customer focus programme Please see page Definitions of selected alternative performance measures for details. , US$ million

In 2017, our customer focus programme brought an additional EBITDA effect of US$104 million.

Breakdown of customer focus programme effect in 2017, %

Most of the efforts were aimed at expanding the sales of wheels, structural products, beams and rail products in Russia, as well as OCTG products in North America.

Key drivers

Rails sales volumes in Russia, kt

Sales of rails on the Russian market remain stable throughout the cycle. With its key client, Russian Railways, EVRAZ aims to secure a leading market share despite the increase in domestic competition.

OCTG sales in North America, kt

In 2017, EVRAZ’ OCTG sales rose four-fold year-on-year given the strong drilling activity and a leading market position in Canada.

Hard coking coal sales, mt

EVRAZ has solid positions in key HCC grades, which are being developed through the brownfield expansion of current operations and potential investments in new projects.