Community relations

Our approach

EVRAZ strives to adhere to international corporate social responsibility principles by making a meaningful contribution to local economies and supporting communities wherever it operates. This includes fostering proper ethical behaviour, caring for employee health and safety, protecting the environment, and being an engaged partner in local communities. Everywhere that EVRAZ operates, it seeks to build sustainable, positive partnerships with local governments and non-government organisations, as well as with business, media and other partners. EVRAZ sponsors various charity projects in these regions with an aim to improve the quality of life in local communities; to support infrastructural, sport, educational and cultural programmes; and to provide assistance for children who might have special needs or lack adequate social protections.

EVRAZ has two charity funds that operate in Siberia and the Urals. When choosing projects to support, the funds take into consideration EVRAZ’ charity policy. This policy defines focus areas for support, including funding orphanages and needy families, sponsoring educational, sport and cultural projects, and subsidising medical centres and ecological programmes.

US$ 31 million
spent on social programmes and social infrastructure maintenance in 2017

Relations with local communities

EVRAZ supports an open and meaningful dialogue with all stakeholders, including local communities, government entities and non-government organisations, and sponsors important local social events. For example, the Group implemented three programmes as part of Russia’s “Year of Ecology”. EVRAZ representatives also participate in all important industry events, such as exhibitions, congresses, and meetings with government and business.



Award: National contest “The leaders of Russian business: dynamics and responsibility”. Nomination: “The best import-replacement project”

Awarding organisation: Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Russian abbreviation: RSPP)

EVRAZ was awarded for its project to reconstruct the rail production line at EVRAZ ZSMK to manufacture a new generation of rails that made it possible to replace imports from Austria and Japan, and even begin producing rails for export markets.

Public organisations and initiatives

EVRAZ participates in Russian Steel, the Steel Construction Development Association (SCDA), the Russian Managers’ Association, the Association of Railway Product Producers, and others.

Key projects

EVRAZ supports disabled children and orphanages, in particular its project for children with cerebral palsy. Children in the programme receive medical treatment, including therapeutic massage, and attend various innovative classes in the arts, photography, puppetry, and aquatic therapy.

Case study: Generation M project

EVRAZ and one of Russia’s largest mobile telephone operators organised the Generation M project with the help of the Mezhdurechensk municipal government. Several events took place as part of the project, including a photography contest and exhibition (famous photographers organised workshops for kids) and a movie contest (children will shoot their own movies after attending workshops with directors and actors). Russian cinema star Alena Babenko visited the city and officiated at the contest’s opening ceremony. The winners will visit Moscow and Mosfilm, a leading Russian film production company. In December, the first ever World Press Photo exhibition opened in Mezhdurechensk.

  • The hippotherapy courses in Nizhny Tagil, Novokuznetsk and Mezhdurechensk continued.
  • Children from Mezhdurechensk joined the charity programme “Dream ski” and completed a downhill skiing course for the first time in their life. EVRAZ donated special equipment for the classes and sent instructors for special training. A year earlier the programme with support of EVRAZ opened in Novokuznetsk.
  • EVRAZ gave more than 3,000 New Year presents to children in orphanages.
  • In Novokuznetsk, EVRAZ sponsored capital repairs for orphanages.
  • In Nizhny Tagil, EVRAZ sponsored a professional kindergarten orientation course called “Today a child, tomorrow a steelmaker”.
  • In Kachkanar, EVRAZ sponsored the renovation of a local kindergarten.
  • In Dnipro, Ukraine, EVRAZ supports a kindergarten boarding school.
  • In Dnipro, EVRAZ DMZ employees participating in the “Presents for Saint Nickolas Day” campaign brought sweets, presents and toys to an orphanage.
  • In Kamenskoye, employees gathered presents for the local childrens’ hospital.
  • In Indiana, EVRAZ North America made charitable donations to the YMCA Champions for Youth Campaign, which is focused on raising money to ensure under-privileged students can participate in after-school activities.
  • In Alabama, EVRAZ North America made charitable donations to the Boy Scouts of America as part of the Christmas for Kids/Progress charity event.

This programme aims to improve the quality of life in Russian cities by developing sports, culture, education and medicine.

In 2017, EVRAZ’ 25th year in operation, the Group held its “City of Friends – City of Ideas” social contest in four cities, compared with just one city in 2016.

Citizens paid special attention to the ecology theme

114 bids in Siberia

215 bids in Urals
54 projects received monetary grants

> 34.5 thousand votes were cast for the projects during online voting

EVRAZ supports the local infrastructure in the cities and towns where it operates. The Group sponsors medical, educational, and cultural institutions.

Case study: Сulture

In 2017, the Group paid special attention to cultural activities. EVRAZ supported the local drama theatre in Novokuznetsk and organised its concert tour to Mezhdurechensk. EVRAZ also became a partner of the “Art cherry” festival in Osinniki, Kemerovo oblast.

  • In Novokuznetsk, the Group sponsored the reconstruction of Pervostroiteley Square and installed several sports grounds and playgrounds. EVRAZ also provided rails for the reconstruction of tram lines in the city.
  • In Mezhdurechensk, the Group helped to install a new sports field.
  • In Tashtagol district, EVRAZ sponsored the renovation of social infrastructure.
  • In Kemerovo region, EVRAZ sponsored educational institutions.
  • In Kachkanar, EVRAZ donated special equipment to the city’s central hospital.
  • In Nizhny Tagil, the Group supported a city beautification project.
  • In the settlement of Valerianovsk, EVRAZ donated equipment to create a cinema in the local library.
  • In Dnipro, EVRAZ DMZ repaired a road and a public transportation station.
  • In Canada, EVRAZ North America made charitable donations to the Multiple Sclerosis Society, which was important for the group because it receives almost no government funding.
  • In Fort Worth, Texas, EVRAZ North America sponsored the annual BNSF golf event to benefit the United Way of Tarrant County Texas.
  • EVRAZ North America made a charitable donation to the American Red Cross for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, the most powerful hurricane to make landfall in the US since 2004, impacting much of Texas and Louisiana.

EVRAZ continued to support professional and amateur sports teams.

Case study: streetball tournament

For the first time, Raspadskaya organised a streetball tournament in Mezhdurechensk. World champion Mikhail Gunter attended the tournament, which was named in his honour as the Guntercup 2017. He organised a special workshop for young basketball players.

  • In the Urals, EVRAZ sponsored the prestigious Grand Slam judo tournament (World Cup), which brought the world’s best sportsmen to Ekaterinburg.
  • As part of EVRAZ’ third-annual “Take Five” event, races took place in Novokuznetsk, Nizhny Tagil and Moscow.
  • In the Urals, EVRAZ supported taekwondo, athletics, and hockey in Nizhny Tagil.
  • In Kachkanar, the group sponsored the Olimp youth sport school’s participation in an international festival of school sports.
  • In Kachkanar, EVRAZ sponsored the renovation of a sports centre.
  • In Alberta, EVRAZ North America made a charitable donation to the Alberta Cancer Foundation and sponsored the Enbridge® Alberta Ride to Conquer Cancer®, a bicycle ride through the Canadian Rockies that raises money for cancer research. Team EVRAZ (comprised of more than 20 riders from Calgary, Red Deer, Camrose, and Regina) collectively raised the seventh highest amount in the event’s team fundraising.

EVRAZ for Sport
EVRAZ for Sport

New projects

Stronger than steel

EVRAZ introduced the “Stronger than steel” photo project, which is devoted to key professions at the Group. Exhibitions with these photos took place in Moscow, Siberia and the Urals.

EVRAZ faces

EVRAZ launched a website devoted to its employees. Everyone can upload a photo, video or audio story connected with EVRAZ. Likes can be exchanged for prizes. The best authors become the heroes of TV stories and will be invited to Moscow in 2018.