The year of Ecology

EVRAZ’ ecological programme includes more than 20 projects, focused on reducing air emissions, protecting water resources and implementing environment-themed social projects.

In 2017, EVRAZ implemented three key ecological projects as a part of the year of Ecology in Russia, a joint initiative of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Federal Service for the Supervision of Natural Resources, and the administrations of Kemerovo and Sverdlovsk regions.

Air emission reduction projects


EVRAZ ZSMK launched two dust removal units that use bag filters, replacing the outdated wet flue dust cleaning units. Two additional filtration units will be launched by the end of 2018. The new equipment will reduce dust emissions from the sinter plant by 22%. The four planned units will have a combined capacity to filter 900,000 cubic metres of air per hour and will eliminate more than 99% of impurities.


EVRAZ NTMK retrofitted its coke dry quenching plant using its own patented technology to purify secondary coke gases in fabric filters for later re-use in production. Previously, these secondary gases were flared into the atmosphere but now they are used as fuel. The project has helped to decrease the plant’s overall atmospheric emissions by 20%. The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is equivalent to 40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Since 2001, EVRAZ ZSMK has reduced its atmospheric impact in Novokuznetsk by 43%.

Since 2001, EVRAZ NTMK has lowered its atmospheric impact in Nizhny Tagil by 24%.

In 2018, retrofitting the dry coke quenching plant will lead to a further reduction of 20%.

Water resource protection projects


Since 2011, EVRAZ ZSMK has been implementing a programme to protect water resources that aims to gradually close the water cycle and minimise discharge volumes. In 2017, the programme helped to reduce the freshwater intake by 4.4 million cubic metres and the discharge into rivers by 3.4 million cubic metres of water per year.


Since 2011, Raspadskaya has been implementing a programme to protect water resources by upgrading the equipment used to filter the water that it pumps out of mines and quarries. In 2017, the Raspadskaya-Koksovaya mine launched a water filtration unit that uses pressure-flotation technology with post-treatment of wastewater in a high-speed filtration and disinfection system. The Group has previously used this technology at the Uskovskaya and Erunakovskaya-8 mines. Some of the filtered water is re-used in the production cycle and the rest is discharged into rivers in compliance with all environmental standards.

From 2010 to 2017, EVRAZ ZSMK reduced the volume of water discharged into the Tom river by 45%.

Social and environmental projects

For several years now, EVRAZ has been implementing social projects aimed at protecting the environment and improving the ecology of the areas where it operates and in nearby cities. The Group’s employees have cleaned up garbage from city streets, courtyards, production areas and riverbanks.

  • Employees of EVRAZ ZSMK, Evrazruda and Raspadskaya made more than 200 birdhouses. They are now placed on the premises of the Group’s facilities, as well as in the gardens and yards of Novokuznetsk and Mezhdurechensk schools.
  • Siberian enterprises have also released more than 70,000 juvenile Nelma fish, which are also called White Salmon, into the Siberian rivers.
  • EVRAZ employees took part in the “Give a tree a second life” programme and transplanted trees from Razrez Raspadskiy’s mining sites at local parks, in public squares, along city streets and around kindergartens.
  • EVRAZ NTMK employees help to keep the Demidov Museum Plant in Nizhny Tagil clean and tidy. This year, they participated in the fifteenth annual volunteer clean-up event.
  • Following a storm in Nizhny Tagil, EVRAZ NTMK employees helped clean up the premises of sponsored kindergartens and schools.
  • Kachkanar employees helped to give their city a new look, including by cleaning up waste form the Kachkanar pond.
  • Ukrainian employees regularly hold environmental activities: they plant trees along highways, clean up city parks and streets. In 2017, EVRAZ DMZ joined the “Turn in your batteries!” campaign, placing special containers to collect used batteries at the facilities’ entrances and in the canteens. The batteries they collect are recycled in a special facility.