we care for
our miners
Health and safety measures
at EVRAZ’ coal mines

EVRAZ pays special attention to ensure that working conditions for miners are not only safe, but as comfortable as possible.

This includes:
  • initiatives aimed at injuries reduction
  • regular employees’ health monitoring
  • regular health and safety trainings
  • ventilation systems improvement
  • a five-year degassing programme
  • spontaneous combustion and gas-dynamic phenomena monitoring

The Group has installed directional drilling equipment for degassing holes. It also uses anti-pyrogens to prevent coal self-combustion, as well as nitrogen systems and inert foam equipment

A system for mountain massif monitoring was introduced to prevent rock bumps

All staff are provided with personal protective equipment and regularly participate in health and safety trainings. Employees undergo annual medical examinations and receive treatment at health resorts

A lockout-tagout system is used to protect personnel from unauthorised activation of equipment during the repair work

High-performance local ventilation fans are used to improve the reliability of ventilation and increase the amount of air supplied

A system with the ability to send SMS/e-mail alerts has been installed to transmit methane concentrations from personnel’s individual gas analysers to the central control room online