Vanadium operations

EVRAZ is a leading player in the global vanadium market. EVRAZ produces ferrovanadium from slag (a by-product of steel production at EVRAZ NTMK), making the Group one of the lowest-cost vanadium producers in the world.
Global vanadium market, %
EVRAZ vanadium production cost curve
EVRAZ’ vanadium production model overview

Our vanadium business is organically built into our steel making model. EVRAZ’ product portfolio includes ferrovanadium, vanadium pentoxide, vanadium oxides and chemicals.

Key vanadium production facilities

EVRAZ Vanady-Tula (Russia)

EVRAZ Vanady-Tula is the largest Russian producer of ferrovanadium. Its production facilities are in Tula, the administrative centre of Tula region.

Key consumers:

EVRAZ Nikom, EVRAZ Stratcor, steel producers

EVRAZ Nikom (Czech Republic)

EVRAZ Nikom is a ferrovanadium producer in the Czech Republic. It has one processing facility, which it uses to process vanadium pentoxide received from EVRAZ Vanady-Tula and third-party suppliers.

Key consumers:

Steel producers

EVRAZ Stratcor (US)

EVRAZ Stratcor is a producer of high-purity vanadium alloys and chemicals, and a major supplier of vanadium to the chemical and titanium industries.

Key consumers:

Catalyst producers, VAL/titanium industry, specialty chemical producers