Steelmaking expansion
and construction of the LDP mill
EVRAZ Regina
Investment projects implemented at EVRAZ Regina in 2017 made it possible to:
  • gain capabilities to manufacture new products with increasing demand
  • improve product quality (lower impurities, higher weld quality, etc)
  • significantly reduce production costs across the entire value chain
How we plan to supply new products at a lower cost
New line
  • the new line for internal and external pipe coating replaces third-party suppliers
  • addressed the lack of inner-diameter coating capabilities
New equipment

Improves steel quality and reduces cost

New equipment
  • the new mill is capable to produce a pipe with thickness of up to 1 inch
  • the mill meets new market standards on a thicker-wall pipe
  • the two-step welding process has a significant advantage in the yield and labour intensity
Significant modifications
  • larger passes and reductions improve
  • internal quality of steel high cooling rate
  • capability to coil up to 1-inch thick at full width
Significant modifications

Width adjustment has been added to the caster which allows to increase yield and machine availability