of the flotation equipment
Stage 1 of the project
completed in 2017
washing plant
The new equipment will allow to reduce operating costs by increasing production throughput. Moreover, it will allow to improve the quality of coal concentrate.
Concentrate yield improvement
How we plan to upgrade coal washing capacities
  • the flotation section comprises M-flot mechanical, six-dimensional flotation machines with a volume of 16 m3, chamber press-filters, chemical tanks and conveyor belts
  • the flotation process is used to separate small solid particles in a liquid of a certain density that allows the coal particles to float to the surface, while the rock settles to the bottom and is removed
  • Hydrophobic particles adhere to the gas bubble forming a particle-air aggregate that is lighter than water, and travels upwards to the surface
  • Hydrophilic particles do not adhere to the bubbles and fall down to the bottom of the flotation tank